Marketing vs. Engineering: A Love-Hate Relationship?

Inside the walls of Berk-Tek, we make a lot of jokes about the age-old tug-of-war between Marketing and Engineering. The Creatives vs. The Scientists. The Dreamers vs. The Pragmatists.

My guess is that, if you work anywhere remotely near the IT world, it’s the same in your organization. I suspect that our organizations are not unique in this respect. There are countless articles, blog posts, slide decks, and even cartoons (who doesn’t love Dilbert) online that talk about the Marketing vs. Engineering, or Marketing vs. IT, dynamic. Continue reading

Try Before You Buy

By: Mike Connaughton, Market Segment Manager, Data Center

DataCenter_Blog_Main_250x200This morning I saw a TV commercial for a used car dealership that’s offering buyers a five-day money-back guarantee, allowing them to “try before they buy.” The gist of the commercial is this: If you buy a shirt and then change your mind about it the next day, you simply return the shirt to the store and get your money back. But what about something much more expensive like a car? Continue reading