So easy, it’s almost scary.

By: Susan Larson, Marketing Communications Manager


I love marketing. I love everything about it – the logos, the catchy headlines, the psychology behind figuring out what people need and what they’ll respond to. I especially love when I come across a TV commercial that’s not only marketing brilliance, but it also converges with IT! Lo and behold, this month I came across one that coincides with a new product Berk-Tek is launching. What are the odds?!

In this commercial from esurance®,  a man walking by a house is spooked by the lights going off and on inside, seemingly all by themselves. Then the camera flashes to the next scene, a toddler in a restaurant playing on his mom’s phone. He’s pushing buttons on the app that controls their home lighting system. The message: It’s so easy, even a toddler can do it. Most people (read: people who don’t represent the ultimate in marketing-meets-IT geek-dom like me) probably react to this commercial with an “Aww, isn’t he cute?” or “Huh. esurance…maybe I’ll check them out.”

Not me. My mind immediately started wondering about all the different technology market drivers represented in the 90-second commercial. What kind of wireless technology did that restaurant have installed? How fast were its transmission speeds? What types of bulbs were installed in that house? Were they powered by PoE? (I haven’t watched TV like a normal person in years….it’s a curse.)

This commercial featured a residential lighting system, so chances are, it wasn’t powered by PoE. That technology is still found mostly in enterprise environments. It hasn’t made its way to residential properties (yet). But those lights were definitely connected to an IP network, in order for them to be controlled remotely by that very tech-savvy toddler.

IP lighting systems are becoming more and more popular in the enterprise world, and more and more, they are being powered by PoE. There are a few reasons for this growing popularity:

  • Better control because IP lights can be individually programmed via mobile client devices.
  • Efficiency and cost savings thanks to simplified installation, reduced energy consumption, and the ability to harvest data to inform other building automation systems.
  • Improved user experience, since more customized lighting conditions mean happier, more productive people.

Berk-Tek is launching its NEW LANmark-IP cable this week. It’s specially designed for low bandwidth, high-power applications like IP lighting.  Check it out here.

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