Who knew network infrastructure could be this exciting!?

By: Susan Larson

Last year, after attending my first-ever BISCI conference, I wrote a post about how blown away I was by…well, by everything really: the technology, the advancements, the collaboration between some of the smartest folks I’d ever encountered.

I went into that event having no idea what to expect. I had just started in the ICT industry a few months prior, and knew relatively little about what I was there to speak about, sell, and learn. (Side note: I still can’t believe they let me work our booth and talk to potential customers. Fake it till you make it, right?)

Fast forward one year, and we’re all about to reconvene at the 2017 BISCI Winter Conference. With another year of knowledge under my belt, I still have a lot to learn, but I’m modestly ahead of where I was before last year’s conference. This year, I know exactly what to expect and I’m excited!

And it’s not just because I get to escape the Pennsylvania winter for 5 days.

I’m excited to network with fellow industry professionals. I’m excited to see the latest and greatest advancements entering the marketplace. But what I’m most excited about is the opportunity to tell Berk-Tek’s latest story – The Forgotten Link.

wirelessaccesspoint_7647For years, we and many of our peers have been talking about the staggering growth of wireless technologies and other bandwidth-hungry devices. We’ve been educating our customers on which products and solutions will best meet that demand not only now, but in the not-so-distant future. We’ve recommended our LANmark™-XTP Cat 6A as the only solution that can handle 802.11ac wireless, and the best one for emerging HDBaseT technologies.

But what’s the next chapter in this story? Imagine a 10-story office building that has 20 offices on each floor. In this example, areas that used to be covered by just a few 1Gbps wireless access points (WAPs) will soon require upwards of eight to ten 10Gbps WAPs per floor. And by 2025, with all the traffic going to and from the WAPs, we will likely be seeing a scenario where each office will require its own WAP. That’s twenty 10Gbps WAPs x 10 floors. That is a LOT of bandwidth.

Now imagine that building’s existing fiber backbone trying to handle all that data. Your network is like a chain, it is only as strong as its weakest link.  So while many think their problems are solved after replacing their WAPs and cabling, once you start thinking about your fiber backbone, you might have a whole new challenge on your hands.

Enter The Forgotten Link. How can you make sure your fiber backbone can effectively handle your increasing bandwidth demand? What can you do now to prevent costly problems later?

Okay, okay … I’ve already given away too much of the story. Come visit Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies’ Booth 637 next week to learn more!

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