Is stress-free decision making really a thing?

By: Susan Larson, Marketing Communications Manager

Concept of businesswoman choosing the right door

According to an Car Week survey, buying a car is more stressful to most Americans than getting married or going on a first date. One third of people surveyed said they’d rather be sandwiched in the middle airplane seat than haggle over the price of a car. And there are even people who said they’d give up their Smartphones if it meant they could avoid the process altogether.

Okay, so, these stats are bordering on silly. But after the past two weeks, which culminated in one incredibly long Saturday afternoon, I wholeheartedly agree with them.

Last weekend I bought a new car. I feel I got a fair deal, but there was still that one inevitable moment, immediately after signing on the dotted line, that I nearly passed out with worry. Call it buyer’s remorse or maybe fear of the unknown, but with so many variables to consider, there were a lot of questions and what-ifs running through my brain:

  • Did I get the best deal I could?
  • Was the SUV with third-row seating really worth the extra investment?
  • What if my growing-like-weeds kids don’t fit comfortably in the back seat in a few years, and I have to start the process all over to upgrade to a larger model?

Throughout my whole shopping/buying experience, I kept saying to myself (and anyone else who would listen), “Why can’t someone just come up with a tool that will tell me what the best decision is?” Or better yet, tell me what kind of car I’ll need five years from now so I don’t have to go through this process again!

What if you had a tool like this for all your major decisions? Wouldn’t it be great to have a holistic tool that examines all of the relevant variables to help you arrive at the best (and let’s not forget cost-effective) solution?

Well, we can’t help you choose the right car (although I do fancy myself somewhat of an expert in that area these days). What Berk-Tek can help with are your network infrastructure decisions.

Take migration plans, for instance. If you’re responsible for your organization’s data center, one of the most important challenges you face is determining a migration plan that will not only ensure network performance, but also manage future costs as you migrate to faster data speeds to meet bandwidth demand.

Berk-Tek has developed a brand new tool – the Own the Link Cost Calculator – that takes into account your specific variables, your future bandwidth requirements, and the cost of a complete cabling system including the transceivers. By examining all of these factors, we can help you arrive at a cost model that helps answer the fundamental question, “What is the best migration plan for my data center?”

Learn more here.

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