All that data has to go somewhere.

By: Susan Larson, Marketing Communications Manger

All that data has to go somewhere.

ControlPanel_300x180When was the last time you did something that didn’t require an internet connection? Unless you’re living off the grid, chances are you’re connecting to an IP network at least every day, most likely at least every hour, and probably, if I had to venture a guess, almost every minute of your life.

Work, travel, staying in touch with people, shopping, banking, medical care, education – could you perform any of these tasks without the Internet? I know I couldn’t. Heck, you can even be connected when you’re sleeping. You can now buy a bed equipped with sensors that record your body temperature and heart rate, plus external conditions such as room temperature. The bed sends the data to an external app, which analyzes the readings and then passes them back to the bed to adjust your mattress settings accordingly.

If you’re a consumer or someone trying to get your job done from day-to-day (or in the case of that bed, an insomniac), your main concern is that the network is functioning and preferably not running as slow as my last 5K time.

But think about the Data Center Manager who is tasked with managing those massive amounts of bandwidth. All that data from all those connected devices has to go somewhere, and the Data Center Manager is on the receiving end of it. Ever-increasing bandwidth demand is pushing data center capacity to its max. And rest assured that in the coming years, data centers will have to add even more servers, more switches, and more storage capacity – all connected at higher data rates.

And when you add more speed and more connection points, reach and power budget decrease. That’s a major challenge for Data Center Managers who are tasked with getting the most out of their infrastructure, while at the same time making sure they’re in the best possible position for future migration to faster data rates.

Berk-Tek has developed a number of solutions that can help. I won’t go into the details on why Berk-Tek’s products and solutions are superior to the competition (I could go on for pages). Instead, below are a few links to some resources that our Data Center customers have found to be useful. Hopefully you will too.

  • Own the Link VideoWatch our latest video to learn how Berk-Tek can help you maximize your power budget and be sure to check out the attachments tab for some additional resources.
  • Power Budget Calculator: Maximize your network’s reach and performance by designing your best performing link using our Power Budget Calculator.
  • Where’s the Link? Article: Read our cover article in CI&M to learn why responsibility for Layer 1 needs to include the transceivers.

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